BACA Wines
BACA, Latin for berry, sources the most intriguing Zinfandel grapes from some of California’s most notable growing regions located in Russian River Valley, Rockpile, Howell Mountain, and Paso Robles.

Our Vision

When we set out to create BACA, we had one mission in mind: to make luxury, craft Zinfandels that are nuanced, honest, and current. Wine for people like us: the curious, the adventuresome, the lovers of life, with a gleam in their eye and a penchant for the uncharted.

Our Vines

BACA uses grapes from gorgeously old vines using masterful winemaking techniques that reflect the unique places in which they’re grown. The result is 8 complex, charismatic Zinfandels, and a few other delectable curveballs. All of which pair beautifully well with both food and adventure.