We Care

Our Mission: At HALL, we care about people first – those in our community and those on our team. We believe in entrepreneurial business as the catalyst to responsibly make a difference for today and the future.

We strive to do the right thing as individuals, to follow responsible business practices and to give back to our communities. We believe in leaving the world better than we found it, a philosophy we have been putting into action for over 50 years, both in business and through our family foundation, which was established in 1977.

HALL Group works to give back across four categories: Community, Arts, Responsible Business Practices, and Entrepreneurship – C.A.R.E.


Each of the businesses in the HALL Group portfolio aims to make a positive impact on its local community. Ranging from community fundraising to hands-on volunteerism, each business is honored and encouraged to connect with their local community through positive outreach.

Frisco Arts


Art is something very dear to Craig and Kathryn Hall. Personally, they are avid art collectors and feel it is their responsibility to share their love of art with those around them. Whether it is a monetary contribution to support local arts organizations, sharing works from their extensive collection with the public, or speaking publicly about the importance of art and culture, HALL Group supports and encourages long-term investment in the arts.


All HALL Group, we strive to do business responsibly. This includes developing environmentally sustainable buildings, encouraging employee volunteerism through paid time off, and operating our business with unwavering integrity, morality and a commitment to truth. We believe in doing what is right over what is easy.


Creating entrepreneurial opportunities through the advancement of education and a commitment to provide overall access to opportunities is critical to the Halls. Through the Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation, we have been able to create programs worldwide that foster entrepreneurship and encourage responsible business practices. Since its inception in 1977, the Foundation has given millions of dollars in grants to support the long-term growth of entrepreneurship around the globe.


The Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation is dedicated to helping others help themselves. The Foundation advances this mission primarily through supporting and encouraging the expansion of knowledge, the experience of arts and culture, and the improvement of well-being. The Halls have a personal long term commitments to philanthropy. In 1974, Kathryn Hall co-founded the North Texas Food Bank, the largest charity in North Texas, to fight hunger throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and in 1977, Craig Hall started the foundation.

For more information visit, www.ckhallfoundation.org